Nicolò Scremin

M.A Candidate in Terrorism, Security and Society at King’s College London, Nicolò Scremin is the Founder and CEO of the International Counter-Terrorism Youth Network (ICTYN) and the leading researcher on the "Index of Radicalisation of European Countries" project.
Currently, Nicolò is based in London where he works as a Research Analyst at CoJiT-UK, an independent initiative intended to have a direct impact on jihadist terrorism in the United Kingdom. He is also Vice-President of the International Association for Security Studies (IASS), and the Co-founder and Executive Director of InterNational Security Interest (INSI), an independent Italian online news medium that promotes and broadcasts high quality content related to security, crime and global affairs. Prior to joining King’s College London, he was Research Assistant at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT).
Nicolò also holds an advanced certificate in Intelligence and Analysis with honors; a B.A in Investigation and Security Sciences Summa Cum Laude from the University of Perugia; and the Certificate of Training in United Nations Peace Support Operations (COTIPSO) at the Peace Operation Training Institute (POTI).