Michele Groppi

Michele Groppi obtained his BA in International Relations from Stanford University (Honors Program), writing his thesis on trade and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After his experience in North America and China, Michele moved to Israel where he obtained his MA with Summa cum Laude in Counter-terrorism and Homeland Security at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.
Currently, Michele is about to conclude his PhD program at King’s College London, Department of Defence Studies. His PhD dissertation features the largest quantitative and qualitative analysis of Islamist radicalization in the field, testing causal models of radicalization within the Italian milieu. He has presented his research at the Italian Parliament and at a number of diplomatic missions, including the Israeli embassy in Rome.
Lastly, Michele holds a graduate teaching assistant position at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, where he teaches RAF Junior officers basic concepts of international relations, international security, military ethics, and the role of military power. And he works as researcher at ITSTIME – Italian Team for Security, Terroristic Issues & Managing Emergencies 
Michele’s academic interests include all aspects of international relations, international security, terrorism, and counter-terrorism, and radicalization and counter-radicalization. He wrote articles for journals such as Limes, Perspectives on Terrorism, and CTC Sentinel at West Point, published op-eds on the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz, and was invited on political TV shows in Italy.