Formulation of an index on violent radicalization

Inspired by ICT's formulation of an index of radicalization, we ask students to explore in depth a specific case study of violent radicalization. Here, any country is welcome, but regions, districts, and even cities are received as well.

Unlike the ICT index, this index of radicalization includes all violent acts supported and or/perpetrated for political purposes, including, thus, Jihadi, right/left wing, and any other type of terrorism. The analysis should feature anything ranging from mere rhetoric (ideological support), to actual engagement in violence. Finally, students should provide guidelines as to how authorities should tackle the issue in question.

In addition to the information on how to write policy papers, here are a few suggestions on what to focus in this scenario:

  1. Definition: Radicalization/ Terrorism
  2. Background: Brief history of terrorism in the country in question o (Just for this paper) Overview of theoretical and practical support/engagement for each type of terrorism involved
  3. Organization’s main interest/objective: depending on the selected role, identify your organization’s main objective
  4. Pre-existing policies: what has been done to address radicalization and terrorism? What are the main pieces of legislation? What are the main actions taken at the operational, political, and social/cultural level?

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