The International Counter-Terrorism Youth Network (ICTYN) offers unique professional development opportunities for higher-level degree students with interest and experience in terrorism and security related studies. By joining ICTYN, you will have exclusive access to a dynamic and interactive platform through which you can engage with and gain insight from innovative peers, young professionals and experts in counter-terrorism, defence and security.

ICTYN seeks quality, diversity, and balance in its membership. Criteria for student membership include intellectual achievement and expertise degree of experience, interest and current involvement in counter-terrorism, security and defence; promise of future achievement; potential contributions to ICTYN’s mission; desire and ability to participate in ICTYN research projects; and standing among peers.

Application Process
Candidates should email [email protected] to apply for membership. The email should include the following information:
  1. Full name
  2. Title and affiliation
  3. University and program of study
  4. Type of membership for which the candidate is applying 
  5. A full CV/Résumé to be attached to the application form; to include personal details, education and employment/career history
ICTYN students are carefully screened and selected from a broader pool of applicants. The application consists of two parts:
  1. Complete the online form
  2. If the application succeeded, complete the online registration

  1. Free access to an international and dynamic community of terrorism and security studies peers.
  2. Access to professionals and academic experts for research advice and career consultancy.
  3. Co-authoring opportunities with Phd Students.
  4. Gain professional employment experience through different opportunities offered by ICTYN, such as internship programs and volunteer work.
  5. Opportunity to collaborate with ICTYN’s network on several in-depth research projects.
  6. Opportunity to publish research papers and academic essays written as part of the programme of study in In-Security.
  7. Access to a wide range of articles, policy briefs, research papers and other content