The Mentorship Program


The Mentorship program is an invitation-only ICTYN membership tier offering access to a network of high-level practitioners, experts and academic researchers in the field of security and counter-terrorism.

Mentors serve as academic and career advisors for ICTYN's graduate and undergraduate members. All are collectively dedicated to encouraging and supporting students in their professional path and responding to requests for assistance or guidance on challenging issues.

Every student can be matched with a mentor on the basis of research and career interests and geographical location.
If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please email to: [email protected]

Benefits for Mentors
  1. Access to a pool of outstanding students in security studies interested in collaborating on a voluntary basis on specific research projects.
  2. Opportunity to find a pool of talented and passionate young alumni for future recruitment.
  3. Obtain personal satisfaction from mentoring brilliant students and assist with their career development.
  4. Access to potentially fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from young students associated with experts’ academic fields and professional expertise.