1. Free access to an international and dynamic community of terrorism and security studies peers.
    2. Access to professionals and academic experts for research advice and career consultancy.
    3. Co-authoring opportunities with Phd Students.
    4. Gain professional employment experience through different opportunities offered by ICTYN, such as internship programs and volunteer work.
    5. Opportunity to collaborate with ICTYN’s network on several in-depth research projects.
    6. Opportunity to publish research papers and academic essays written as part of the programme of study in In-Security.
    7. Access to a wide range of articles, policy briefs, research papers and other content

    1. The ICTYN offers the possibility for Young Professionals to submit a stand alone research proposal.
    2. Opportunity to contact experts and stakeholders within the network to progress the application of their work.
    3. Form pairs to conduct outstanding and innovative research and deliver cutting edge results or lead a team of graduate students within their respective projects.
    4. Publish, present and promote their research within the ICTYN community.
    5. Opportunity to mentor ICTYN's student members.

    1. Access to a pool of outstanding students in security studies interested in collaborating on a voluntary basis on specific research projects.
    2. Opportunity to find a pool of talented and passionate young alumni for future recruitment.
    3. Obtain personal satisfaction from mentoring brilliant students and assist with their career development.
    4. Access to potentially fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from young students associated with experts’ academic fields and professional expertise.