Internship Opportunity at the International Institute For Counter-Terrorism

ICT’s Internship Program

ICT offers unpaid internships for ICTYN undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate members. Interns will be provided with the opportunity to contribute to the Institute’s daily research activities and events, while under the supervision of an ICT researcher.

Interns will work on the following projects:

  1. World Summit on Counter-Terrorism:ICT’s Annual Conference;
  2. Jihadi Websites Monitoring Group;
  3. ICT Terrorist Incidents and Profiles Database;
  4. ICT Cyber-Desk Review;
  5. The Islamist Radicalization;
  6. Index De-radicalization Processes;
  7. Jihadi Arenas and Terrorist Networks;
  8. Terrorist Rationality and Decision-Making;
  9. Mapping Theaters of Jihad Working Groups.
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