Environmental Milieu: Anthropogenic Climate Change and Human Security

The “Environmental Milieu: Anthropogenic Climate Change and Human Security” (ACCHS) is an internationally awarded research project sponsored by the International Counter Terrorism Youth Network (ICTYN) which aims to assess the impact of climatic and environmental changes on endemic violence, radicalization, immigration and conflict.

Presented at the UNDP Istanbul Regional HUB on October 25, 2017 the project is built on two pillars: first, a modular threat assessment equation developed by placing the human variable at the centre and correlating its active impact on the climate and the environment with their respective feedback loops; second, a series of policy guidelines for decision makers aimed to develop an inclusive idea of resilience able to account both for sustainable peace and development.

In order to make a contribution towards filling the academic vacuum on climate induced conflicts, the “Environmental Milieu” project and affiliated working paper and essays will provide readers and potential clients with in depth academic research, case studies analysis, models and a database using security hotspots and thresholds in order to build a pragmatic and operational understanding over the issues of Anthropogenic Climate Change and Human Security.

As such, the project will combine existing theories with unique framed models to provide cutting edge theories, plans of action and guidelines, while combining the field experience of the research team to ensure a realistic and pragmatic modus operandi.